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The North Atlantic League
(Abraham Project /ADN Cultural Foundation Inc.) is a private, non-profit (501-C-3), non-partisan organization that exists to foster enduring peace (peace through strength) in the Middle East and in other regions of the world. This long term goal can be achieved only with the close cooperation of three nations: the United States of America, Italy and Israel. These nations represent the essence of the Western World, its Judeo-Christian tradition and faith; Judaism, Catholicism and all other aspects of Christianity.

The NAL wants to empower both political leaders as well as grassroots activists with focused and correct information, providing a network of dedicated individuals who share the same values, principles and objectives, such as Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as exemplified in our American Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Life and Liberty are values that express the core of Judeo-Christian civilization and tradition, and free market and democracy are evident expressions of liberty and responsibility.

Founded in New York in 1992, the North Atlantic League (ADN) reaches out to conservative leaders and organizations in many nations, in particular the US, Italy, and Israel. NAL hosted conferences, prepared and distributed newsletters and other material to its members and to targeted audiences: political and business leaders, and academics, stressing our common values: Life, Liberty, and our Judeo-Christian heritage and faith, and the solutions to our present day challenges, including massive dis-information in the mass media, radical and violent islamic fundamentalism, and the mediatic and cultural assault to our ethical and spiritual values and principles.

We need YOUR help in order to continue this most important work, help us today,act in your life and in your environment, unless we regret our failure to make a commitment at this perilous time in our joint history.

Today we witness a world in rapid change. Some scientists are already talking about “a temporal singularity,” a “boiling point” in our history when the sum of all changes will dramatically transform our society. The advent of the computer is speeding up the process of change at a phenomenal rate. In the light of these rapid advances it is most important, even vital, that we defend and uphold those everlasting values and principles that are the true essence of our

Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are shared by all so-called Western Nations, the US, Canada and most of Europe. We share Judeo-Christian values and faith and today, more than ever, good men and women need to unite on both sides of the Atlantic if we are to overcome the upcoming storm. Let us defend all that is true, noble and good in our great tradition. Let us lead by example, molding the future, monitoring change and defending our peoples and our lands.

The core values of Western Civilization rest on our Judeo-Christian principles and history.
Today we are witnessing a rapid deterioration of our nations economic, moral and spiritual fiber. Corruption in high places always brings down a nation and even an empire. As a student of Ancient Rome I know. Western Civilization and the USA is on the edge of CIVIL collapse if we do not start to clean up the House and the Senate, following up with Wall Street, the media and the Justice system. In Europe the leftist movement and its distorted views have brought untold problems, the least of them: widespread (by the millions) illegal immigration, and the consequent distortion in the popular vote. And that is what the liberals and the radical left is bringing down on us today. In Italy the conservative parties have repeatedly defeated the left-wing coalitions, the Italian economy is in better shape than most, and some of Italy’s best conservatives can help us identify the weak points of socialist agendas and their dis-information tactics. Israel and its people can help us understand and defeat islamic fundamentalism, sharing their courage and deep love of God and humanity, that same Love that is the core of the Christian message. If it is true that in unity there is strenght, it is Truth and unity that makes us invincible.

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