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LFV and Climate Change

Sunday July 18 , 2010 

The Earth’s climate is changing at a rapid pace. The median temperature is rising with consequences for the human environment. The greenhouse effect means that it is necessary to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. For that reason LFV has environment and sustainability high on the agenda. Aviation currently accounts for 2-3% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the world, according to the UN climate panel IPCC. This is a global challenge, where everyone must do their part and LFV’s goal is to contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of aviation. LFV’s environmental work LFV works actively, professionally and responsibly to run an operation with as low an impact on the environment as possible. We do this in part by minimizing the sources of emissions we directly influence, but also through other environmental efforts. For example, working with the airlines to continue developing a more efficient airspace with more direct, shorter overflights and approaches as well as by reducing fuel consumption through “green flights”. Swedish Aviation Association’s ten points for environmentally sound flight Introduction The Swedish Aviation Association’s ten points for more climate-adapted flight have been developed based on the report with conclusions and recommendations that Aviations Environment Committee submitted to the Swedish Aviation Association. The report in its entirety can be retrieved at the link at the right. LFV’s integrated Quality and Environmental Policy LFV’s ambition is to minimize our negative environmental impact. Our policy states the approach that we apply in our daily environmental work, and looks like this: With active, professional and responsible employees and a focus on safety, we will supply air navigation services with the right quality and environmental consideration, so that we fulfil our customers’ expectations, creating profitability and sustainable development. Environmental management system LFV’s environmental strategy is based on working for continual improvements in the environmental area through integrating environmental issues in all our activities. We are working with an integrated management system for quality and environment and are certified according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. These management systems are web-based and include common procedures with an option for local procedures in each entity. Climate neutrality LFV became the first large Swedish climate-neutral company in 2006. A climate-neutral actor runs the operation without contributing to global climate change. LFV works systematically to calculate its emissions plus to successively implement measures to minimize the emissions from its own operations. Remaining emissions are compensated through international climate projects, in which corresponding quantities of carbon dioxide are reduced. In that way our operation is going to be run without negative impact on climate.

Il vice-presidente della Commissione Europea Antonio Tajani visita ESA-ESRIN.

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