Trump speaks in Vegas

Trump in Vegas

Trump in Vegas

As Mr Trump’s colorful speech in Las Vegas gets lots of media attention, many of the “commentators” (even conservative ones) seem to be more concerned with Mr Trump’s hair than with the SUBSTANCE of his contents.
I am amazed at the detachment of the so-called political experts from the working people, from the young people and from the the real tea party patriots. Someone deeds to explain the new reality in which we all, as Americans , do find ourselves in, a real socialist in the Oval Office, and believe me in Italy we know them well. But also socialist programs like Obamacare, state takeover of major companies and strict control of the monetary, banking and (soon) financial system. We are in a real desperate situation and we need to face the truth square in the face or we may end up like other socialist nations: with a dictatorial government and a bankrupt economy.
Guido Lombardi

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